Services continue under the hottest epidemic

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More services under the epidemic

more services under the epidemic | Lingong heavy machinery 2020 first phase of high-tech machine training online launch

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more services under the epidemic

take the lead in training to significantly change the wear resistance of aluminum alloy and overcome difficulties

wholehearted service, stable care free

in response to the national call to prevent the spread of the epidemic, At the same time, we will ensure that the training of service personnel of cooperative lessors of Lingong hi tech Machinery Co., Ltd. can be carried out continuously to ensure the safety of participants. Lingong hi tech Machinery Co., Ltd. will respond quickly and implement decisively, and plan to turn the service training from offline to online under the current situation. We will be able to make greater contributions to the development of China, the world's largest automobile market. The high-tech machinery service department dispatched service trainers, service managers, technical R & D engineers and other backbone forces to carefully prepare training courseware during the Spring Festival holiday. On February 5, 2020, the first phase of 2020 online training for service personnel of cooperative lessors of temporary heavy machinery was officially launched

this centralized training lasts for 5 days, and the key training content is related knowledge of cross-country scissors, curved arms, straight arms and other products. The training content covers equipment use safety, product structure, operation and maintenance, electro-hydraulic system principle, whole machine test and adjustment, fault analysis and other theoretical topics and case analysis to reduce resource waste. Online training has been unanimously welcomed by the majority of lessors and actively signed up to participate. On the first day of the training, more than 50 business and service personnel from high-tech aircraft lessors participated, and more than 300 people attended the training at the same time. The training lecturer made a detailed explanation and analysis of the relevant courses. Through targeted explanation and communication, the trainees learned and digested the training content, so as to attract enterprises to participate in military civilian integration technology transactions, strengthen the comprehensive skill level of the trainees, and achieved good training results

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temporary heavy machinery always takes customers as the center, takes full support for the development of lessees as the premise, attaches great importance to service quality, adheres to the concept of "service winning", pays attention to after-sales service training, continues to improve the service ability of lessees, and creates the first brand of high machinery service

in this critical period of the epidemic, Lingong heavy machinery works with you to pay tribute to the medical workers and people from all walks of life who are fighting against the epidemic. We will work together to overcome the difficulties

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