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Lishide excavator Nigeria service record

Guide: lishide excavator continues to grow in the domestic market, but also shines in the international market. In Lagos, the economic center and the largest port city of Nigeria, lishde excavator is contributing its own strength to this rapidly developing city. This morning, Rexroth was stationed in Nigeria

while the domestic market of Rexroth excavator continues to grow, it is also brilliant in the international market. In Nigeria's economic center and the largest port city - please re tension the tensioning wheel; - In Lagos, Rexroth excavator is making its contribution to this rapidly developing city

this morning, Rexroth's service personnel in Nigeria received from Lagos customers, who sought technical support and help. After detailed communication, the service personnel immediately rushed to the construction site where the customer was pressing "query/j". The rainy season in Nigeria is so unpredictable that it suddenly rains heavily without warning. The service personnel carefully inspected the excavator and found that due to the inexperience of the driver and improper maintenance, Rexroth excavator did not play its best performance. Immediately, the service personnel quickly eliminated the machine fault, and then gave the driver guidance on the driving skills of the handle, and explained the operation precautions and relevant maintenance methods to the customer in detail. The customer nodded frequently and gave a thumbs up to Rexroth's service

take a group photo with lishide service personnel

finally, the customer takes a group photo with lishide service personnel. (Rexroth)

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