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The waste of resources in the metal packaging industry is serious

[China Packaging News] with the continuous progress of the metal packaging industry and the prosperity and development of the metal packaging industry, there are also many problems in China's metal packaging industry. The lack of high-end products, low industrial concentration, excessive dependence on imports, and serious waste of resources are still outstanding problems, which deserve the attention of industry insiders

at present, with the progress of the packaging industry and the improvement of consumption level, the packaging industry, especially the metal packaging industry, has also made great progress. However, in the process of development, the following four problems are still very prominent and deserve the attention of metal packaging enterprises

lack of high-end products

single can type, which is difficult to meet the further development requirements that the yield strength of metal materials in the packaging industry must be less than the ultimate strength, which restricts the development of metal bag unplugging power cord packaging. At present, in the market, the production capacity of two-piece cans, three piece cans, crown caps, and chemical barrels less than 18 liters is surplus, and the production capacity of high-quality and high-end products is obviously insufficient. There are too few enterprises that can produce small capacity, ultra-thin cans, various special-shaped cans and boutique cans that are suitable for the effect of supermarket shelves

the industrial concentration is low

the metal packaging industry is also an industry dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises and private enterprises. Common phenomena exist, such as small scale, low degree of intensive production, low-level repetition, assimilation of quality structure, price competition, etc. There are about 60 domestic enterprises that consume more than 10000 tons of tinplate per year, which still lags far behind large-scale enterprises in foreign developed countries

excessive dependence on imports

most of the equipment in the metal container industry depends on imports. At present, the international mainstream equipment has developed in the direction of digitalization, networking, high-speed and low consumption, more environmental protection and humanization, while China's dependence on imports of major metal packaging equipment and materials has not been fundamentally changed. Experts suggest that the competent department of machinery manufacturing should pay attention to the improvement of the performance of packaging machinery and equipment and strive for less imports, which is conducive to saving foreign exchange. Except for iron printing equipment and aerosol tank equipment, the introduction of other equipment should be cautious to avoid repeated introduction

The cyclic torque indication shall be corrected according to the method given by the manufacturer; According to a survey of the metal packaging Commission, the annual demand for aluminum cans has hovered around 7billion in recent years, and the annual demand for cold-rolled steel barrels is about 60million. Metal cans are made of tinplate cold pressed plates and aluminum plates, which belong to high-tech packaging materials. In 2004, the metal container industry purchased 1.5 million tons of tinplate, a considerable part of which came from imported plates; In addition, importing raw boards from abroad and processing tin plating at home have made the country pay a lot of foreign exchange. Due to the great dependence on plates, when China's iron and steel industry raised the flag of anti-dumping in 2003 and 2004, the sales price of tinplate climbed all the way, and the universal testing machine of electrohydraulic servo news was widely used in the dynamic and static mechanical properties of materials and parts. The industry encountered unprecedented difficulties (the price has been increased by more than 80% since June 2002, while the increased cost of the metal can industry has been transferred to the downstream industry by less than 20%). All enterprises should bear in mind the lessons learned from the past, try to reduce their dependence on imported products and technologies, and speed up the progress of their own technological level

serious waste of resources

the current economic growth mode of China's packaging industry is still extensive, with great resource consumption, which is twice the world average, 4.3 times that of the United States and 11.5 times that of Japan. China's energy consumption per unit of GDP is four times that of the United States and seven times that of Japan. In terms of metal packaging, the power consumption of iron and aluminum packaging materials (the same volume container) is 0.70kw/h for iron and 3kw/h for aluminum, and the proportion of energy consumption is far greater than that of other packaging materials. At present, the country has not formed a complete set of effective mechanisms and relevant supporting policies for recycling packaging waste, so the recycling rate of waste is very low and the waste of resources is serious

the problems that have been recognized should be solved by improving the technical level, improving infrastructure, reducing energy consumption, and creating high-quality products to promote healthy development

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