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Be an "Apprentice" in the leading enterprise of water pump: how to aim at "precision manufacturing" in Zhejiang Province

learn the assembly of pumps from teachers in the new territories. Correspondent Wu Minli photographed Chen Bei, an employee of the new territories experimental testing center, to introduce the pump test. Correspondent Mao Haiting photographed the production workshop. New territories pump industry group, Zhejiang, April 17 (Zhejiang Zhao Jing, Xu Ziyuan, Zhu Haibing, correspondent Wu Minli, Mao Haiting) Jingshui

learned the assembly of pumps with new territories teacher Fu. Photographed by correspondent Wu Minli,

Chen Bei, an employee of the new territories experimental test center, introduced the pump test to him. Photographed by correspondent Mao Haiting

production workshop. New territories pump industry group photo

Zhejiang April 17 (Zhejiang Zhao Jing, Xu Ziyuan, Zhu Haibing, correspondent Wu Minli, Mao Haiting) the well water is gurgling and sweet in my heart, the river water is rushing to irrigate the rice fields, and the fishing boat dada is galloping the river and sea... The pump is known as the "heart" of modern industry and agriculture. A ubiquitous and plain pump actually has an extremely tough and delicate "heart"

Daxi Town, Wenling city is "the hometown of water pumps in China". On both sides of national highway 104, there are many large and small pump enterprises. New territories Pump Group Co., Ltd. is one of them

"people in the new territories treat water pumps like their own 'hearts'!" Before the visit, industry experts told us that the reason why the new territories pump industry can stand out from thousands of small workshops in Daxi town and grow into a listed company firmly sitting on the "top" of the national agricultural water pump is the ultimate pursuit of quality. As early as more than 20 years ago, in order to keep pace with domestic first-class enterprises, the new territories pump industry once smashed a whole 4 tons of parts with a hammer. Now, in order to provide the world with the best pump and water treatment system solutions, the new territories arranges more than 3% of its annual sales revenue for technology research and development every year, and has more than 400 national patents

led by "quality" and winning by "quality", New Territories pump industry is a representative of Zhejiang manufacturing to promote the quality revolution. Recently, we entered the new territories pump industry and became an "Apprentice" for two days to feel the meticulous craftsmanship spirit of the people in the new territories and the ubiquitous innovative ideas this year

the most "ruthless" Inspector -

"import and export" must be kept, and it must be safe.

at 6:30, the alarm clock rings

7:20, arrive at the office on time and start the day's work in advance

Chen Bei, 31, is the office director of the new territories pump industry experimental testing center. He has been in the experimental test center for seven years and has formed an almost static work habit

Chen Bei's work is somewhat special. He is not only the raw material inspector, who is responsible for the "first pass" of procurement, but also the quality inspector, who is responsible for the "last pass" of experimental testing of the quality of new products

"a colleague joked that we are the most 'ruthless' department in the company, and everything is experiment the final say." Chen Bei smiled, picked up a water pump prototype made by the branch and went out. We also helped carry one. The prototype looked small, but it was actually very heavy

walking all the way, Chen Bei introduced us to a total of 16 laboratories. "The experiment is trivial. Like a cable, you have to pass a variety of performance tests, such as insulation effect and anti-aging." Chen Bei said as he placed the prototype on the table of the pendulum rain experimental device, set the spray parameters, and then began to spray the water pump violently in all directions

the test of this link takes about 10 minutes. "The longest link is the class B capacitance experiment, which takes 1000 hours." Chen Bei told us that the working environment of the water pump is generally poor, and the requirements for waterproof, insulation and other performance are very high. Every pass must be firmly guarded, and there must be no mistake

as soon as the waterproof test was over, Chen Bei carefully checked it. After opening the pump casing, he slowly touched it with his hand and said it was a little damp. Let's take a closer look. It's true

"this indicates that there is a defect in the sealing." He took a photo at random and sent the test results to the branch company for timely improvement

Chen Bei and his colleagues are also famous among their peers for their "ruthlessness". He turned on the computer and showed us that 98 self-made experimental instructions were available in written form, ranging from bolts and screws to enameled wires. There was a special inspection instruction for all purchased materials involved

Chen Bei also told us that if a new supplier is added, the new territories pump industry will send not only purchasing personnel, but also technicians, quality inspectors and production personnel. As long as one person disagrees, this supplier cannot be used as a purchasing object

we can't help but sigh that it may be this kind of "ruthlessness" that leads to the world-class product sampling pass rate

the most "demanding" operator -

employees who are more serious with themselves are really good employees

"bid farewell to the traditional yesterday and move forward to a standardized future" "be an error free expert and move forward to internationalization"...

entering the production workshop of the new territories pump industry, everything looks neat and orderly, and the workers are quiet and focused. Looking at the slogans, we involuntarily adjusted the gray brown work clothes we wore, for fear that we would not coordinate with this atmosphere

the "master" who follows the class in the afternoon is a young man who has just graduated from college. His name is Zhang long and he is the head of Q10 production line

"there are 9 processes in this assembly line." Zhang long led us to inspect his "territory", with a proud face

most of the processes on the assembly line have been automated. It was not easy to find that there was a "manual work" of setting the sealing ring, so we volunteered to practice

it's a round iron piece the size of a palm. It's a little heavy in your hand. There's a bulge on the inside of the iron piece. Just put a sealing coil on it

"this is not very simple?" We picked it up with confidence, but it took us four times to get it right. As a result, Zhang Long smiled and shook his head. He separated the sealing ring again and closed it again. He told us that this was the only way

"although the sleeve sealing ring is very simple, the sleeve process must be accurate. If it is slightly twisted, the sealing performance may be affected." Although Zhang Long's technique is so skilled, he is actually a novice on the production line for only half a year

Zhang long graduated from Panzhihua college, which should open the hydraulic control box before power on. He applied to the front line on his own initiative. "I have learned a lot in the past six months. Every master here has excellent skills." In name, Zhang long is the line leader of 14 assembly line operators, but he respectfully calls the operator master

the new territories pump industry implements full staff and whole process control over product quality. "Because quality is linked to everyone's performance, everyone is very strict with themselves, and they have long been trained to have golden eyes. If there is any problem, you can see it at a glance." Zhang long told us that in order to encourage employees' job innovation, the company also gives 4million yuan a year to reward those good ideas that are conducive to improving quality, improving technology and saving. According to the contribution, the reward is not capped

there is an electronic prompt board next to the last process of the production line. As shown above, as of 15:07 p.m., 280 orders of Q10 line have been completed, with a qualified output of 280, and a qualified rate of 100%. Zhang Long said that before leaving work every day, only by confirming "100%", will everyone leave at ease

New Territories pump industry pays special attention to the front-line cultivation of new backbone talents. "At present, 75% of the core talents of the company are trained by the enterprise itself." Zhang Hong, director of the human resources center of the new territories pump industry, told us that he was one of the first batch of undergraduates to work in the new territories pump industry

the most "frustrated" quality inspector -

the enterprise is a home, which needs the care of the whole family

the next morning, we followed the class to learn from an old master. Her name is tengyusu. She is 59 years old

she got up at 6 a.m. and ate a "homemade sweet potato dumpling". Then she rode an electric car from Shanhou village and arrived at the company at 7 a.m., half an hour before going to work

"I have been here since 1986, and many employees call me grandma." Tengyusu spoke frankly and warmly

tengyusu is a quality inspector and also participates in daily inspection and assembly. "I've done everything before. I'll go wherever I need it." Today, she is responsible for the assembly and inspection of deep well pumps in line Q5 of the assembly workshop

before the experience, Teng Gong, an employee of the administration department who accompanied us to visit the enterprise, told us that the most distinctive thing about the employees of the new territories pump industry is that everyone takes the enterprise as their own home to love, and there is no distinction between inside and outside. When he first stepped into this spotless new building, Teng Gong saw a piece of paper the size of a fingernail on the stairs, so he naturally bent down and picked it up...

"the new territories is like my home. When I retired, I had nothing to do at home, and mintian let me come back." The "mintian" in tengyusu's mouth is Xu mintian, the head of the new territories pump industry

Teng Yusu's agility in working is not inferior to young people at all. She picked up a metal cover casually, bent it into an arc and placed it at the junction of the pump body and the motor, put the screw on the eyelet, press the air gun in her hand, and after several short beeps, the cover has tightly adhered to the pump body

we tried to press the bent metal cover with our left hand and align the screws with the holes of the cover and the pump body, but the screws always fall down. Tengyusu helped press the cover when he saw it, and then we freed our right hand to insert the screw into the air gun drill bit. But as soon as I held the air gun, a "buzz" sounded, and I couldn't help but be afraid. The screw fell off again, and I tried several times to succeed

"it looks simple, but it's not simple." We sigh

Teng Yusu laughed, "in the workshop, you have to spend time practicing everything to do well."

at 9:30, there was a 10 minute rest time, and Teng Yusu got up with us

"when I first came here, there were only 20 or 30 workers in the factory. At that time, it was also called 'Wenling Zhaoyang household appliance factory'. At that time, there were not many pump workshops in Wenling, and there were not so many specifications and such a good environment. It was dark and wet everywhere. Work requiring high precision, such as screw pump with screw, was also done by experience and hand, squinting." Tengyusu said with emotion, "when President Xu just came back from the army, he couldn't stand these, so he squatted in the workshop and learned technology."

"after being familiar with the whole set of technology on the production line, Mr. Xu was ruthless." Tengyusu recalled that on that day, Xu mintian gathered all the employees together and smashed a batch of parts worth more than 60000 yuan with a big hammer to his face. Finally, all 4 tons of spare parts were sold as scrap. "At that time, the annual sales of the whole factory was only 200000 yuan, and the quality of these parts was very good compared with that of other factories. But President Xu said that we can't compare with the utilization of poor carbon fiber composite core wires in the power and communication industries. To compare, we have to compare with domestic first-class and international advanced. Many people felt that President Xu was a little whimsical at that time, but they were still shocked by his determination, and no one dared to have a little bit since then Vague. "

this brings an interesting phenomenon. Quality inspector, an indispensable position in many enterprises, can be said to be the most nonexistent in the new territories pump industry

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