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Notes: integrate the concept of environmental protection into the details of life

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the environment we live in is closely related to everyone. Environmental protection not only requires the government to improve the legal system and enterprises to comply with environmental standards, but also requires ordinary people to "start from around" and practice the concept of environmental protection

in Belgium, where people live and work, many supermarkets are promoting the bulk sales mode of "bring your own container". Consumers can bring their own glass bottles or fresh-keeping boxes to buy bulk beer, grain or spices. Supermarkets are intimate with vivid posters to guide people how to weigh, and remind everyone not to forget to subtract the weight of the container when settling accounts. In the market, more and more customers bring their own shopping baskets to reduce the use of disposable plastic and paper packaging

in life, there are many environmental protection measures such as "bring your own container". For example, choose reusable eco-friendly shopping bags, buy bulk or large packaging products, reduce the use of printers, borrow or rent tools, etc. In the recent "saving temporary food" campaign in Europe, people can receive the sales information of temporary food from nearby supermarkets on special applications every night, and those who are willing to pocket food at a low price are not only some people with financial difficulties, but also many environmentalists

the scope of environmental protection life can be broader. Behind a commodity, there are often large 3.2 experimental machines that should be equipped with appropriate fixtures to measure the waste we can't see. Research shows that a pair of jeans weighing 445g will produce 25kg of waste in the process of production, transportation and sales; A bag of bananas has also produced a large number of "carbon footprints" from growth to consumption. Recycling or reusing old clothes, buying more local ingredients, and changing some small living habits are practicing the concept of environmental protection. The small efforts made by everyone to practice the concept of environmental protection eventually form a strong joint force to protect the environment

environmentally friendly consumption habits can also generate huge traction on supply. "Bulk" is a childhood shopping memory of many people. Later, with the rise of the packaging industry, businesses increased product selling points through various packaging, and consumers gradually became accustomed to this convenient shopping experience. Nowadays, the continuous improvement of environmental awareness makes people start to re-examine their consumption behavior and feed it back to the supply side. For example, shower gel has become a necessity at home, but the shower gel in the exquisite plastic package has high water content and fast consumption, which is not friendly to the environment. European enterprises have begun to produce "upgraded" soap. The existence of such products can provide the most effective assistance for many industries - solid shower gel, whose advertising slogan is "zero waste". In the highly competitive market environment, businesses keenly capture very subtle changes in consumption habits. If people's consumption habits become more environmentally friendly, then there will naturally be more and more goods that meet the concept of environmental protection

in recent years, activities to encourage people to start around and practice the concept of environmental protection have sprung up all over the world. "European garbage reduction week" encourages people to transform old jeans into small items such as backpacks and pillowcases during the experiment process or at the end of the test; Danish environmental protection organizations provide kayaks for people. As long as they pick up the garbage in the river, they can kayak and swim the canal for free; Indonesia launched the "plastic bus" activity, and passengers can exchange plastic bottles for bus tickets; A school in Melbourne, Australia, removed all trash cans and encouraged students to live a "zero waste life"... Combining environmental protection with daily life and integrating environmental protection concepts into life details is expected to become a new trend in future life

let's start from our side, join the practice of environmental protection, and better protect our common earth. It is also another key home for the development of contemporary biomedical materials

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