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Resealable packaging solution

masterpack of Monvalle, Italy, S.p.A. has developed a new packaging solution for cheese producers

this easy-to-use new flexible packaging adopts inno-lok barrier zipper of zip Pak company of the United States, which combines the characteristics of snap on zipper with advanced moisture-proof and oxidation-proof barrier protective packaging. No return, it complies with the relatively large pull back

this new package caters to the needs of modern consumers, who like packages that are easy to open and easy to store products. Facts have proved that barrier packaging is the key factor to make cheese fresher and have a longer shelf life. In addition, during the "1025" period, this convenient repeated sealed package can be used for a long time, which means that the product name, logo and other information on the package are continuously presented to consumers, which can deepen the impression of the brand in consumers' hearts

as a breakthrough solution, resealable packaging has increased the sales of masterpack cheese packaging market by 30%

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