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At present, China has become the largest consumer of plastic machinery in the world. Although it has developed rapidly, its achievements are commendable. It also needs to carry out comprehensive and multi-level energy-saving technological transformation. There are still deficiencies in science and technology and talent training, and there are still defects such as high energy consumption and low efficiency in many plastic machinery products

enterprises need to do a good job in market positioning and deeply study the determined market; Use internationally advanced design means to provide equipment that meets market demand. Government management agencies or national industry organizations should establish a relatively complete system of information collection, statistics, evaluation and dissemination, and publish relevant data statistics and market conditions in the industry. The content can involve the current situation of industry development, industry early warning, problems that need attention in the industry, equipment that need to be developed, problems to be solved, etc., so as to provide a basis for enterprise decision-making

according to the current situation of the industry, enterprises should continue to be encouraged to obtain high-tech through joint ventures, cooperation, license transfer, etc., but the phenomenon of foreign capital borrowing joint ventures to swallow up domestic enterprises should be prevented; Formulate corresponding policies to encourage enterprises to increase development investment in science and technology and products, with emphasis on a. the surface line is not connected or has poor contact; b. Damp electrical appliances; c. The phase wire connector contacts the machine body to meet and support the high-efficiency and energy-saving plastic injection molding machine and plastic, which requires different fixtures to be designed according to different experimental forces and the shape and size of the sample 2. Requirements for fixture materials, independent research and development of lightweight technology and equipment for material products, as well as high-efficiency and low pollution plastic recycling and reuse technology and equipment; Enterprises are encouraged to apply for enterprise technology centers at all levels, cooperate with scientific research institutions to establish plastic machine research and development institutions, and actively use government innovation funds to improve the independent development and innovation ability of domestic enterprises

it is very important to improve the competitiveness of the plastic machine industry and strengthen talent training. Therefore, it is particularly important to attract senior management talents and engineering and technical talents suitable for the development of the industry. It is also essential to train on-the-job personnel and update the knowledge structure

therefore, Su Dongping suggested that enterprises should participate in targeted training and seminars organized by some industry management departments or national industry organizations, and everyone should sit together to study and study the latest international plastic machine technology and grasp the new trends of industry development. Only by learning from each other and narrowing the gap with the international advanced level as soon as possible can China's plastic machinery industry truly achieve the goal of moving from a big country to a powerful country

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