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Survey: dangerous chemicals transportation is too greasy

survey: there are many dangers in the transportation of dangerous chemicals

November 4, 2005

in June this year, the State Administration of work safety issued a notice on doing a good job in the special rectification of the safety of dangerous chemicals in road transportation. The notice clearly requires all regions to strengthen the supervision of the storage, distribution and loading of dangerous chemicals, and strengthen the monitoring of transportation links. However, this recent field interview found that there are policies and Countermeasures for the storage and transportation of dangerous chemicals

although the state has strengthened the management of the transportation of dangerous chemicals, it is learned from field interviews that there are still many small transportation companies transporting dangerous chemicals privately. They do not have relevant certificates issued by the state, and they do not have relevant safety measures in the transportation process. Nevertheless, the business of these small transportation companies is still very prosperous, and the price of transportation costs is also rising. It is understood that from Shanghai to Beijing, Tianjin, Shandong and other places, the TDI freight is at yuan/ton. From Shanghai to Shenyang, Dalian and other places, the purchase volume of domestic mines has been reduced, and the cost is at yuan/ton

the computer will constantly collect all kinds of experimental data

according to a driver who has done the transportation of dangerous chemicals, the transportation of dangerous chemicals is a lot of tricky. According to his words, "as long as you give money, you can apply for any certificate you want." The more dangerous industries are, the richer the profits are, and the fiercer the competition is. Some people try to squeeze into these industries. People who squeeze in often rely not on the safety production conditions of the enterprise, but on relationships, and even on giving more money

at present, there are tens of thousands of transportation enterprises of hazardous chemicals in China, including 3000 in some provinces. Among tens of thousands of enterprises, less than 30% fully meet the national standards. Many small and medium-sized enterprises are pieced together by some self-employed businesses, and some enterprises are also on the road without qualification, artificially increasing the risk of transportation. The "human rights report" of the United States criticizes the human rights status of China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Vietnam, Syria and other countries in general

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