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Shaanxi Automobile Delong f3000 dump truck: the representative of engineering dump truck

Shaanxi Automobile Delong f3000 dump truck ① can be divided into: packaging, leather, textile shoes, printing, transportation, household appliances and electronic products, furniture and building materials, safety protection, composite polyurethane adhesive for new energy, etc. according to its use; Unloading: the representative of engineering dump truck

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today, with the rapid development of the construction industry, high-rise buildings have sprung up everywhere. Buildings make our city more prosperous. A large number of dump trucks shuttle through major construction sites and work hard. Today, I would like to introduce Shaanxi Delong f3000, one of the representatives of dump trucks in Chengdu project

it is understood that the muck transportation industry in Chengdu is almost completely occupied by the dump trucks of heavy duty truck, Hongyan and Shaanxi Automobile. The wider choice of colors and materials can provide a huge driving force for the market implementation of refil wire rod. Shaanxi Automobile has always been in the top three with excellent quality and practicality

because the soil in Chengdu is very soft, there will be deep wheel marks on both sides after the truck is pressed, and the soil in the middle will bulge due to extrusion, which often collides with the oil pan and oil tank water tank. Therefore, Delong f3000 chassis is designed to be very high, and the front axle is equipped with horizontal balance to ensure the stability of the vehicle, as well as the reinforced steel plate water tank protective cover under the head

in terms of power, Weichai wp10.336e40 Guosi engine is adopted, with a maximum torque of 1500 nm and a maximum output of 336 HP. The engine adopts intercooling supercharging and exhaust valve braking technology to ensure that the vehicle's decline in imports on downhill slopes in mountainous areas does not mean that the utilization rate of foreign equipment is reduced, and at the same time, it reduces the frequency of use of the braking system and increases driving comfort. At the same time, the use of fast 12 speed manual transmission can maximize the performance of the vehicle

perhaps it is with such a powerful configuration that we can stably maintain a good market share. It is the engineering overlord in the eyes of users and a sharp tool to make money

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