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Mitsubishi Electric's super large full-color LED display is on CCTV

there is no overwhelming advertising, and there is no celebrity endorsement. As the largest media platform and the leader of the radio and television industry in China, Mitsubishi Electric's super large full-color LED display screen of CCTV subsidiary CCTV is rewriting the pattern of the domestic LED large screen display industry in another way

Mitsubishi Electric's super large full-color LED display has entered CCTV

in recent years, the domestic LED display industry has achieved rapid development. Every year, the display area of completed projects has doubled, the number of enterprises engaged has doubled, and the industry recognition has tripled. However, while domestic and foreign manufacturers in the LED large screen display industry have experienced ups and downs, the applications in the radio and television industry, especially the production level applications, have become a rare industry wonder for manufacturers

the radio and television industry has a high demand for product quality. The radio and television large screen display system at the program production level has high requirements for the stability, reliability, display performance and image restoration accuracy of the equipment. The effect of the production level radio and television display system is watched by thousands of eyes in front of the TV all the time, and the slightest error can be amplified many times

among the countless LED large screen equipment suppliers in China, Mitsubishi Electric has successfully won several production level display projects of CCTV subsidiary CCTV with its outstanding product quality and highly reliable stability design. Mitsubishi Electric LED display technology is providing a more wonderful visual feast for more than 1billion viewers on many strong column platforms such as CCTV's "road to health", finance and economics channel, CCTV media, and many stage performance projects

Mitsubishi Electric is one of the world's most famous suppliers of large screen display systems, and has maintained a number of records in large screen indoor and outdoor display systems

the world's first full-color display screen (Dodge stadium, USA, 1980); The world's highest LED outdoor display (Reuters Building, Times Square, New York); The world's longest LED outdoor display screen (Hong Kong Shatin Racecourse, this screen used to play in the equestrian events of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games); The world's largest LED outdoor display (JRA Tokyo racecourse, 2006); The world's largest LED indoor display screen (Caesar Palace Theater of the United States); The world's first LED indoor 3mm high-definition display (German t-com), the latest world record (Dallas new cowboy stadium, a total of about 3000 square meters of large screen -2010 NBA all star game), Shanghai World Financial Center (China's tallest building)

in the global large screen display industry, Mitsubishi has a 30-year career history, which is three to five times the average working age of enterprises in the global large screen display industry. Mitsubishi quality, which has been heavily tested by history, has become the best reason for many customers to trust Mitsubishi and choose Mitsubishi for many times

in the application of CCTV project, Mitsubishi Electric has dedicated Mitsubishi's best display technology and products to domestic customers. Mitsubishi Electric LED large screen display system, represented by idt6 rental products, with highly stable reliability, first-class color and picture performance control level, and first-class product service ability, has successfully matched to ensure that there is more than 70cm space around the experimental machine for experiment and ordinary protection. It is equipped with CCTV's world-class media service platform, creating an industry engineering benchmark for strong cooperation

Mitsubishi Electric's expert technology is deeply rooted in the domestic LED display high-end market

in the actual project application, especially the display system engineering, the final project effect is the most concerned problem of customers. Mitsubishi Electric LED large screen display products inherit all the leading technologies of Mitsubishi Electric large screen industry, and escort customers' high-level applications with first-class product production process and customizable after-sales service system

Mitsubishi Electric led first of all, the large screen original light-emitting device not only selects Riya's lamp tubes, but also strictly puts forward the technical requirements that the original Japanese lamp tubes must be used, and each display screen must use the same batch of lamp products, laying a solid foundation for ensuring high-quality display performance and the best screen consistency

Mitsubishi Electric's LED display has a variety of unique image adjustment technologies: automatic detail correction of image edges, automatic selection of scanning lines of signal sources with different resolutions, detailed shading design of each illuminant, brightness correction and adjustment, the highest grade electrical auxiliary accessories, high-grade supporting environmental control equipment, combined with the most scientific visual angle design, highlight the large screen LED display system, high color reduction ratio The feature of high gray scale is brought into full play, which provides a technical stage for directors and actors of radio and television systems to give full play to their creative talents at will

in the competition for many projects of CCTV subsidiary, Mitsubishi Electric successfully defeated the challenge of strong competitors from home, Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States. Mitsubishi Electric's excellent product performance, superb production technology and quality management level, together with scientific and rigorous on-site installation and advanced on-site testing technology, have set an insurmountable benchmark for high-quality LED large screen display application engineering

in the face of the increasing application demand of the domestic large screen display market, Mitsubishi Electric will take the CCTV project as a new starting point, comprehensively strengthen the development of the domestic market, and provide high-quality LED and other large screen display system services for domestic users with world-class quality and professional product technical strength

about Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric is a comprehensive electromechanical manufacturer leading the global market, and has always been in the forefront of the world's top 500. Its products span business, industrial systems, equipment products, electromechanical products and many other fields

in the field of imaging equipment, especially display equipment, there are four main reasons for the rapid development of biomedical materials. Mitsubishi Electric is one of the leaders in the global market. Mitsubishi Electric's imaging products cover the use of a variety of imaging products, such as large screen displays in public places, indoor large screen displays, offices, desktops, medical treatment and photo printing

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