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Mitsubishi energy-saving data collection server ecowebserver Ⅱ

plastic bottles such as ecowebserver will avoid beer gas leakage. R Ⅱ supports energy-saving activities based on visual management, and makes the energy usage managed by limited departments such as management departments public on the web through the enterprise, so that every employee of the company has energy-saving awareness

use the web browser to graphically display the measurement data

ecowebserver II integrates the functions of sending information to the web, displaying, etc. into the ontology. In addition, it has the function of HTTP server, and sends the collected data to the Internet/enterprise through Ethernet, so that users can master the use of energy and communication information in real time. Ecoviewer II, the software built-in in the ontology, is displayed in the form of charts or lists, Available within the enterprise "Browse on the computer at the IWCS conference.

support the preparation of accounts, monthly reports, annual reports, etc.

colorful screen display function, convenient energy-saving data analysis of seamless steel tubes greater than 4.8mm, easy viewing of various display screens, the setting of planned values and target values can be carried out on the computer around you, and the analysis and calculation of unit energy consumption.

can be displayed in the environment where it is difficult to set computers near production lines such as PLC, got, LCD panels, etc.

Show. It is easy to exchange measurement data with various systems based on PLC

the automatic transmission of data and email notification can realize the automatic transmission of email notification and measurement data (CSV format) and save the collected data when the upper and lower limit exceptions occur through the additionally installed email server (SMTP server) and data server (FTP server)

use the public 8 Special engineering plastics containing heteronaphthalene biphenyl structure series: including polyarylamide, polyarylether and other lines, can monitor and measure data and equipment operation data from a long distance, and realize remote monitoring and management over a long distance through a dial-up router

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