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Mitsubishi Electric: improve the discharge machining business in China with a multi pronged approach

as early as the 1960s, Mitsubishi Electric has begun the research, development and production of discharge machining machines (EDM). Now, Mitsubishi Electric has established its leading position in the global EDM industry. At present, it has a manufacturing plant in Japan, specializing in the production of high-precision equipment; In 1998, it began to produce popular EDM machines in Dalian, China. By December last year, nearly 60000 EDM machines had been produced

Mitsubishi Electric is a comprehensive electrical manufacturer with leading technology. This outstanding advantage makes it famous for the rapid launch of new products in the entire EDM industry

"due to the obvious difference between EDM and other machining machines in body structure - it is mainly electrical, and more importantly, we develop and manufacture digital control systems ourselves. Therefore, the R & D Department of EDM only needs to be responsible for a small part of R & D, and then integrate the R & D results of other departments." Manager Qiao said, "this division of labor enables Mitsubishi Electric to launch new EDM products every two years, but the industry average speed is years."

Mitsubishi Electric's efforts in energy saving are also commendable. The energy-saving concept runs through the design of equipment, such as power supply, control system, driven motor, processing fluid pump, etc. "Japan, the United States and Europe attach great importance to energy-saving products." Manager Qiao said that the power consumption of fa10s-advance, a popular WEDM machine tool in the American market, is 30% lower than that of similar products. He said with satisfaction: "due to the rise in energy and manufacturing costs, domestic manufacturers are now mainly using lithium manganate and lithium iron phosphate in the field of large-scale energy storage and power batteries; because the safety technology of lithium battery manufacturing has been improved and the requirements for energy density of lithium batteries are also increasingly paying attention to the energy consumption in the manufacturing process, which is good for the whole industry and good news for Mitsubishi."

EDM is closely related to the development of molds

as we all know, molds are the most important application field of EDM, accounting for about 95% of the total demand. The development of the two can be said to be closely related. Manager qiao commented on the development trend of molds: "large scale molds used to basically rely on imports, but now the proportion of domestic manufacturing is increasing; at the same time, due to the increasingly fierce competition on product quality in the market, the requirements for mold accuracy will be higher and higher, and the trend of precision is obvious."

"in addition, the mold industry structure is also changing. Now there are tens of thousands of mold enterprises in the market. In the future, with the increasingly fierce competition in the market, large companies will swallow up small companies, and some small companies will inevitably huddle together and merge into a new company in order to survive." He concluded, "therefore, EDM industry will also cater to these three directions and constantly adjust and develop."

in the 1980s and 1990s, EDM was mainly used in mold manufacturing in the United States, which is very similar to the current situation in China. However, with the economic development, EDM in the United States is more used in aerospace, medical machinery and other industries, accounting for more than 30% of the total demand, and continues to expand. At present, this figure is less than 5% in China

manager Qiao said with a smile, "these two application fields have great demand for electrical processing. I think with the rapid development of medical devices in China and the strong support of the state for large aircraft projects, the demand of these two industries will increase in the next few years."

at present, machining in China is still larger than electrical machining in terms of quantity. But he pointed out that the machining Institute 2 The cutting tools used to adjust the drawing speed to the specified value, such as ceramic cutting tools, PCD, etc., can only be machined by electricity. The consumption of these tool materials is gradually increasing, which shows that it is also one of the growth areas of EDM that cannot be ignored

In recent years, with the continuous progress of high-speed milling technology, high-speed milling machining centers have gradually spread to all kinds of mold processing fields, rapidly occupying part of the EDM equipment market. Then, how should EDM face this threat from high-speed milling

Manager qiao first admitted this: "this threat exists, and it is also great." He pointed out that high-speed milling is characterized by high processing speed, and the processing effect of some molds with high-speed milling is indeed better than EDM. However, EDM still has irreplaceable advantages

first of all, EDM is a non-contact processing, its electrodes and materials are not in contact with each other, and the tool loss caused by high-speed milling due to contact processing does not need to be considered. At the same time, EDM has no requirements for the hardness of processed materials. For example, ceramics and PCD diamonds can be EDM. In contrast, high-speed milling is greatly limited by the processing materials. Sometimes only special tools can be selected for processing, but sometimes, such as PCD, it is still unable to process

in addition, in the processing of complex surfaces, deep and narrow small cavities, sharp corners, narrow slots, grooves, deep pits, etc. of the mold, high-speed milling cannot meet all the processing requirements like EDM, and the processing cost is much higher than EDM, especially when processing high-hard materials above 60HRC, EDM is easier than high-speed milling, and the cost is more accurate

"from Mitsubishi itself, EDM we developed is developing towards high precision, for example, the machining precision can reach.5 μ m. The smallest hole of EDM can reach 50 μ m. This is beyond the reach of high-speed milling. " Manager Qiao said that taking fa10s advance as an example, when the machine is used to process round holes, ra0.30 can be obtained by using micro power supply μ M surface finish; The use of EM and OM control makes the dimensional accuracy of the round hole of the sample reach plus or minus 2.5 μ Within M

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