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Mitsubishi Electric Automation participated in the first international safety production and safety monitoring technology and equipment exhibition

the 2007 first international safety production and safety monitoring technology and equipment exhibition and safety technology academic cleaning method: tighten the real fixing screw behind the oil pump with a wrench (hereinafter referred to as "Safety Exhibition") hosted by the Institute of integrated technology and economics of machinery industry instrumentation From November 20 to 22, that is, the displacement of the rod assembly has a linear relationship with the load, was grandly held in Beijing International Exhibition Center. The theme of this safety exhibition is "based on safety laws, regulations and safety standards, and taking safety technology and equipment as means to ensure the safety of the production process"

as a world-class integrated supplier of industrial automation products, Mitsubishi Electric closely follows the pace of the times, strengthens the production of safety products and Research on safety technology, and fully participates in the structure of safety production, which determines the degree and guarantee of his good deeds. This exhibition will launch safety PLC and CC link safety for the first time

the safety PLC inherits the advantages of the current melsec-q series. It can not only serve the best product quality, but also run independently. At the same time, it can establish a connection with other MELSEC PLCs, so that when running machine control, it can also have the same operation mode as the traditional MELSEC PLC

safety PLC not only improves the engineering environment and maintains CC link safety, but also improves error diagnosis to ensure safety. It has become a reliable solution for all aspects of detailed safety control

cc link safety is a kind of safe on-site network, which is developed on the basis of open on-site network CC link, and adds excellent functions such as enhancing Ras function and expanding protection range to ensure machine safety; CC link safety has also passed the international safety standards iec61508sil3 and en9541/iso class 4 certification, making its safety more reliable

in line with international safety standards, Mitsubishi Electric provides you with the best solution for factory automation and industrial safety

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