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Mitsubishi Electric Co., Ltd. showed the world's first * 1 scalable organic light emitting diode (OLED) display at CEATEC on October 2, 2009. The diagonal size of the display screen used for display is 155 inches, which is the core highlight of Mitsubishi Electric's booth that the whole ecovio biodegradable film has excellent mechanical properties, thermal insulation and water retention properties and good UV resistance linearity. As the world's leading manufacturer of large screen display systems, Mitsubishi Electric believes that the potential of new technologies is endless, enough to set off a wave of changes in the outdoor application of electronic display technology

looking around the world at large shopping malls, passenger transport hubs and public places, the use of electronic displays for displaying information or advertisements - digital signage systems is growing rapidly. Due to the limitations of space and weight, the requirements for irregular size displays, and the influence of high brightness natural light, traditional technologies such as LED and LCD usually have problems. Therefore, Mitsubishi Electric firmly believes that there is a huge market demand for a display technology that can splice lightweight screens of any shape and size, present high-definition images under conventional lighting conditions, and can be viewed from any angle. Mitsubishi Electric has accumulated 30 years of expertise in large-scale display technology in the process of developing the world-famous diamondvision screen. With this knowledge, Mitsubishi Electric has developed a set of OLED displays with unique and diversified functions. No matter whether the machine often uses the display system or not, it is convinced that the system can meet the above requirements

1922mm shown on CEATEC × The 3456mm display is composed of 720 discrete OLED display modules, which are seamlessly spliced into a 1152 pixel display × 640 pixel continuous screen surface. The pixel spacing of the display screen is 3mm and the light output is 1200cd/m2. Therefore, when viewed from a distance of 2m, the image outline is clear and the color is bright

each pixel is composed of an anode and a cathode. Between the cathode and anode, there is a layer of domestic diaphragm. The growth rate of market demand is generally lower than that of domestic diaphragm organic film. This production process developed by Mitsubishi Electric has created many advantages of OLED module, such as thin thickness, light weight and low manufacturing cost. The specially developed driving electronic equipment and the precision designed panel structure make the display achieve high resolution, high brightness and high contrast while maintaining light and thin. OLED is self luminous, without backlight. Therefore, OLED is more energy-saving than LCD, but its light output is more than three times that of LCD. The modular structure of Mitsubishi display system means that the display can actually be made into any size or shape, even including curved surfaces and rectangular planes. In the past, it was considered impractical space and occasions, but now it is also possible to build displays

1. Thin, light and versatile

integrated into a high molecular weight carbon dioxide based plastic display is only 81.5mm thick - 25% thinner than the diamondvisionled system used indoors. The light weight and modular structure of the display means that it can be installed on walls of any shape, including curved surfaces and planes at right angles

2. It can be seamlessly spliced and expanded into various sizes and shapes

in view of the fact that the edge of the visible screen cannot be eliminated, the small screen cannot be spliced into a continuous large screen by using traditional LCD or plasma technology. Mitsubishi's OLED module truly realizes non marginalization, so it can build a screen of any shape (such as vertical screen or ultra Widescreen)

3. It has high brightness and contrast, and can also present clear images in a bright environment

the brightness of an LCD display is about 500CD/m2. The brightness of the display screen displayed on CEATEC is as high as 1200cd/m2, so it is suitable to be used as a digital sign in areas with relatively high indoor brightness (such as window or glass ceiling lobby). And because the display has no backlight, its black level performance (contrast) is significantly better than LCD

"Mitsubishi imaging system, enjoy the visual feast"

in the field of imaging system, Mitsubishi Electric is one of the leaders in the global market. Mitsubishi Electric's imaging products cover the use of a variety of imaging products, such as large screen display in public places, indoor large screen display, office space, desktop, medical treatment and photo printing. Mitsubishi Electric wholeheartedly provides customers with all-round visual enjoyment and solutions

Mitsubishi Electric is a comprehensive electromechanical manufacturer leading the global market, and has always been in the forefront of the world's top 500. Its products span business, industrial systems, equipment products, electromechanical products and many other fields

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