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Brief introduction of aluminum foil printing

aluminum foil paper, commonly known as gold plate and silver plate paper, is an advanced new packaging material developed in recent years. This kind of paper has bright color, strong metallic feeling, elegant and beautiful prints, which has played a icing on the cake role in beautifying commodities. Now it has been widely used in printing all kinds of trademarks and food, especially tobacco and alcohol packaging. The paper has played a great role in protecting and beautifying the goods with high added value and increasing the competitiveness of the goods in the market

aluminum foil paper is a kind of non absorbent paper, which has high requirements for printing. At present, the printing methods used in China include gravure printing, offset printing and flexo printing. Due to the advantages of offset printing, such as fast product rotation and low plate making price, offset printing is often used for printing aluminum foil paper

since aluminum foil paper is non absorbent paper, impermeable ink is generally selected, that is, oxidized conjunctiva drying ink or ultraviolet drying ink. The tensile bond strength is the same as that of 6.3 adhesive. However, the use of UV drying ink is limited due to its high price, short storage period and the need for UV drying device in the printing machine

synthetic paper inks are oxidized conjunctival dry inks. The inks that use offset printing to establish macro-control and market conditioning mechanisms are actually emulsified aqueous inks. And water directly hinders the oxidative polymerization of ink molecules. Only when the water in the ink evaporates can the imprint really dry. Therefore, reducing the emulsification of ink is the key to quick drying of ink. As ethanol is a volatile solvent, the drying speed of synthetic paper ink is fast when using ethanol fountain solution, and the fountain solution is easy to spread on the layout. Therefore, the amount of water can be reduced to reduce the emulsification of the ink. Therefore, the perspective of the world is particularly important. When printing synthetic paper inks, ethanol fountain solution should be selected

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