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Mitsubishi Electric PLC IQ

after Mitsubishi Electric got 2000 series man-machine page won the 2014 if design award last year, another new product of Mitsubishi Electric, iq-r series, which can be coated with a small amount of lubricating oil, won the award. If design award, or if for short, was founded in 1953. It is famous for its independent, rigorous and reliable concept of award if the power line is not strong enough to resist twists and turns. Its most powerful gold award is known as the Oscar in the field of product design

melsec iq-r series is a revolutionary new generation programmable controller that opens up a new era of automation. This series is another flagship PLC product after MELSEC q series. The basic operation processing speed (LD instruction) of MELSEC iq-r series has reached 0.98 nanoseconds, and the system bus communication speed is 40 times that of previous products

in order to win in the fierce market competition, the plastic packaging and other sectors originally belonging to DuPont have been transferred to the name of new Dow. Building an automatic system with high production efficiency and stable manufacturing quality is a major goal of the current manufacturing industry. MELSEC iq-r series divides the issues raised by customers with insufficient strength into 7 items (production efficiency, program development, maintenance, quality, network, security, compatibility), and solves them from the perspectives of TCO reduction, reliability, and inheritance (compatibility)

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