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Mitsubishi Electric has launched a new series of compact, light-weight and high-performance four-axis robot ch

Mitsubishi Electric has launched a new four-axis robot ch series, which is compact, light-weight and high-performance. It installs and clamps metal anchor bolts and anchor cable clamps to further meet customers' requirements for installation space, performance and overall cost. It is a cost-effective product for customers

more compact, lower requirements for installation size, suitable for use in small space and unit equipment. The top wiring is optimized to further reduce the height and avoid interference

it is lighter and easy to move, which reduces the difficulty of installation and debugging, including high specific surface area and good conductivity

higher performance. Cr751 series controller with strong verification performance is required for each kind of experimental machine. Various network options can be used to correspond to a variety of routes, ensuring rich scalability; The controller has built-in calibration function to realize simple setting with visual sensor; Melfa-basic language ensures the consistency of your programming habits; High inertia mode can correspond to larger grippers and eccentric grippers, so as to achieve more flexible design; The internal wiring is open, and the external wiring can be simply added, which is more convenient to use

teaching can be carried out by computer without teaching pendant; Standard IO board and IO cable connector are built-in; Standard conveyor belt tracking function; Without special control device, the controller can control up to 8 additional shafts. All our efforts are to reduce your investment in the overall cost of the system

we believe that ch series will play a greater role in the fields of precision component assembly and high-speed handling. We look forward to this product playing a greater role in the Chinese market, launched by Polaris in October last year, and becoming your best partner in automation applications

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