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Mitsubishi Electric launched wind power generation new

Mitsubishi Electric Co., Ltd. (CEO: Akihiro Shimura) will successively sell two new MPD 1 series for megawatt wind power generation system and solar power generation system in the fields of new urbanization, transportation and water conservancy infrastructure and advanced equipment manufacturing. 7. All accessories on the experimental machine (such as jaws, indenters, pendulums, etc.) when not in use, This product has the highest rated current in the industry Measure and record the important dimensions of continuous samples (it should be measured when the samples are cooled to room temperature) yuan IGBT 2 module

1 MPD: abbreviation of megapowerdual (meaning large capacity 2 units)

2 insulatedgatebipolar transistor: insulated gate bipolar transistor

in order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and curb the warming of the earth, we are now vigorously promoting wind power generation, solar power generation and other power generation systems that use natural energy. Recently, new energy power generation systems have reached the megawatt scale, and the capacity of power conversion devices used in these power generation systems has also been significantly increased

Mitsubishi Electric launched a 2-unit MPD series IGBT module with a rated voltage of 1200V and a rated current of 1400A in 2002, which can be used in megawatt power conversion devices. Today, in order to meet the demand of large capacity of power generation system, we launch new MPD series products. In addition, this new product is also suitable for industrial high-capacity inverter, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and other devices

features of new products

1. Special packaging and 6th generation IGBT silicon chip are adopted to realize the rated current of up to 2500A

new MPD series IGBT modules adopt special packaging for the internal structure dedicated to high current, and the 6th generation IGBT silicon chip with low loss is adopted, so that the rated current is increased to more than 1.5 times of the original MPD series. The rated current of cm2500dy-24s is 2500A, which is the largest of the two unit IGBT modules used in industry at present, so that the system using natural energy to generate power can achieve greater capacity

3 as of December 3, 2009

2. The silicon wafer layout space margin is large, so as to improve the cooling efficiency of water cooling

in order to improve the cooling efficiency of water cooling, the silicon wafer layout space inside the module maintains a large margin

environmental protection considerations

the MPD series products developed in 2002 do not meet the RoHS 4 directive implemented in Europe in July 2006, but the new MPD series complies with the RoHS directive for electrical and electronic equipment. MPD series will also be adjusted in turn. First, consider the need to test the tensile range of materials to RoHS compliant products

4 RoHS (restrictionoftheuseofcertainhazardoussubstancesinelectricalandelectronicequipment) instruction. EU countries began to implement specific hazardous substance restrictions on Electrical and electronic equipment sold to EU countries in July 2006

product specifications

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