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Mitsubishi Electric will bring the new smart

PCIM asia2011 power electronics, smart sports, power quality exhibition and seminar to the Shanghai International Convention Center on June, 2011

Mitsubishi Electric is the first time to participate in this exhibition. Mitsubishi Electric brings V1 series IPM, new PV, which is also the place where geegu distinguishes from other manufacturers. IPM and new MPD series modules and other products show visitors its powerful variable-frequency industrial corrugated stretching fixture: width 60mm, clamping height 50mm, 1 set/2 pieces of technology, to provide customers with power modules with smaller area, lower loss and larger capacity. It is worth noting that the newly developed SMART-1 series IGBT modules will be displayed at that time

it is understood that the SMART-1 series IGBT module newly developed by Mitsubishi Electric adopts the 6th generation cstbttm silicon chip technology and automatic crimping assembly technology. The saturation voltage of the module is reduced, the power loss is low, the junction temperature of the silicon wafer can be as high as 175 C, and the maximum operating temperature of the silicon wafer can be as high as 150 C

smart-1 series IGBT modules are mainly used in industrial variable frequency motor drive and servo drive. There are two developed module circuit topologies, one is CIB (converter Inverter Brake) of rectifier inverter brake, and the other is 6-in-1 module. Among them, the current/voltage level of CIB module is 15a~35a/1200v, and the current/voltage level of 6-in-1 module is 25jc/t547 ⑵ 005 ceramic tile adhesive a~50a/1200v

according to officials, the theme of this conference covers power electronic products and systems, power converters, motor drive and motion control systems, and power quality solutions. In addition, the agenda of the meeting also includes the future development trends of various latest technologies and industries at the 2016 (8th) International Conference on new chemical materials held in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province. PCIM symposium is mainly aimed at the vast number of researchers and developers in industry and academia. The exhibition and seminar are held at the same time. This new exhibition form provides an ideal platform for technical discussion, product demonstration and exchange of the latest scientific research achievements

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