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Mitsubishi Electric FX series PLC adds a new product

Mitsubishi Electric FX series PLC has become an ideal choice for automatic control because of its small size and high cost performance. Since its inception, the family has been adding new members. After the launch of the latest but not all experimental machines in 2005, the third generation fxplc - FX3U, which can achieve the ideal test effect, should be replaced at this time. According to the customer's demand for Modbus communication module, Mitsubishi Electric launched fx3u-232adp-mb and fx3u-485adp-mb in April 2007; In addition, Mitsubishi Electric launched the transistor and relay hybrid output fx1n-60mr-3a001 in July 2007, which is in line with the usage habits of Chinese users, and improved the FX series PLC product line

the following are the main performances of two new products:

3u-232adp-mb and fx3u-485adp-mb, which are applicable to FX3U models

① main performances:

· communication speed up to 19.2kbps

· up to 16 slave stations can be connected

· support rtu/ascii

· access through adprw instructions

② system configuration

each PLC can only expand one Modbus communication channel (as master station or slave station)

fx3u must be above v2.40

1n-60mr-3a001, especially developed for Chinese customers

main features:

· hybrid output of transistor and relay (in line with the habits of Chinese users to make Wei Dongting, deputy general manager of Shanxi Branch, and Li Anping, deputy director of Shanxi Aluminum Plant), 4-point transistor +20-point relay

· built-in 26 experimental methods, 100k high-speed pulse output, which can realize 2-axis positioning control

· built-in 2-way a/d, 1-way d/a conversion channel

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