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Mitsubishi Electric won the title of "top ten innovators" in China's frequency converter industry

21. Industry status, scope, competitive advantage and development trend. Recently, it was reported that from August 21 to 23, 2014, the 11th frequency converter industry entrepreneur forum with the theme of seeking to change and break through the choice and breakthrough of the frequency converter industry in the era of industry 4.0 was successfully held in Suzhou

the forum was hosted by inverter world, China Automation Association, Guangdong automation society, Beijing Power Electronics Society, power electronics branch of China Electrical Industry Association, frequency conversion power supply and power transmission special committee of China Power Supply Association, jointly hosted by Suzhou science and Technology City, and co hosted by Mitsubishi Electric Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Jinyuan electronics, The conference attracted nearly 300 industry experts from home and abroad to attend

at present, China has become the largest power electronics market in the world. Among them, infrastructure construction, power transformation, new energy development, electric vehicles and other projects are inseparable from frequency converters. The frequency converter Market in China maintains a growth rate of 12% to 15% every year. With the advent of the intelligent and digital era, the variable-frequency wedge-shaped stretching attachment adopts the electric automatic clamping mode, which is convenient, reliable, non sliding, and puts forward higher requirements for the jaw immobiliser industry in the clamping process. The pursuit of high quality, low cost, personalization, diversification and energy conservation and environmental protection of products makes China's inverter industry face new challenges

the two-day forum will be conducted through four sectors: policy interpretation, technology discussion, industrial application and industrial development. Professors from Zhejiang University, Shanghai University and other universities also made an in-depth interpretation of the application of frequency converters in the fields of new energy, electric vehicles, ships, offshore platforms, rail transit and so on

in the technical topic, Mr. Song Gaosheng, technical director of Mitsubishi Electric Semiconductor in Greater China, introduced the latest technological development of modules that improve the effective resolution of power 1 at the expense of dynamic performance (bandwidth). In addition to introducing the evolution and progress of power chips and packaging technology, it also introduces in detail the power modules for industrial transmission, new energy power generation, electric vehicle power generation, rail traction and power system, as well as the latest silicon carbide (SIC) series power modules. Silicon carbide series power modules have the characteristics of low loss, small volume and light weight. They can also contribute to the further efficiency and small-scale lightweight of power electronic equipment such as variable-frequency household appliances, industrial equipment and railway vehicle devices

in his opening speech, Mr. Daliang, general manager of Mitsubishi Electric Semiconductor in Greater China, said that it has been 11 years since the inverter entrepreneur forum came to this day, and Mitsubishi Electric has cooperated with inverter world for 10 years. In the future, Mitsubishi Electric will continue to work hard to provide the latest and cutting-edge power semiconductor products for China's power electronics industry and jointly promote the development of China's inverter industry to a higher level

in addition, Mitsubishi Electric also won the title of the annual Top Ten innovation and the best strategic partner

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