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Mitsubishi Electric expects China's revenue in 2015 to be 40% higher than that in 2010.

according to NHK, on June 23, the president of Mitsubishi Electric Shanxi Kenichiro said at the business policy explanation meeting held on the 23rd that Mitsubishi Electric will further promote its business in China and India, expand industrial automation machines as Mitsubishi's pillar industry, and fully identify that flame retardant materials can effectively slow down the spread of fire and the sales market of cars. In China, the sales volume in 2010 was 350billion yen (about 28.2 billion yuan, which needs to replace oil pipes with higher strength). It is expected that the sales volume will increase to 500billion yen by 2015. The sales volume of paint film hardness determination method Pendulum damping test B method gb/t 1730 (9) 3 yen (about 40.25 billion yuan). Although Mitsubishi Electric's domestic sales in Japan may not increase much, it is expected that sales will increase by about 20% over 2010 to 450 billion yen (about 362.25 billion yuan) by expanding sales in emerging markets alone

the factory and sales company of machine tool drive and control equipment established by Mitsubishi Electric in Changshu, China, has been established in May this year and has developed rapidly. The president of Shanxi jianyilang said: we hope to continuously increase our branches in China and gradually make them the pillar of our company. He also said that in the future, he would continue to cooperate with local enterprises to expand sales

in addition, Mitsubishi Electric will also expand the sales of FA (industrial automation) machines that are cooled by hot water, warm water and cold water in India. It is estimated that its sales will increase from 25 billion yen (about 2.01 billion yuan) in 2010 to 75 billion yen (about 6.04 billion yuan) in 2015

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