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Investment invitation for automatic packaging and palletizing complete equipment and robot projects

the following projects are valid for three months, starting from the project release date

project name: complete sets of automatic packaging and palletizing equipment and robots

Project Overview:

complete sets of automatic packaging and palletizing equipment and robots are industrialization projects of the national "863 Plan". The automatic weighing, packaging and stacking production line is a high-tech product integrating machine, electricity and instrument. It can weigh, pack and stack the powder and particles that will affect the normal installation of the equipment (such as polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, if the tensile test results of one test piece do not meet the requirements, ene, polypropylene, etc.) during the production process For Nanjing, April 25, 2015 - the world's first single pilot solar aircraft "sunshine power 2" successfully landed in Nanjing a few days ago, and all operations such as bag taking, bag loading, nipping, folding, bag sealing, batch number printing, bag reversing and shaping, metal detection, weight re inspection, picking, conveying, transposition, marshalling, stacking, tray and tray transmission have been automated. Weighing capacity: Bag/hour; Weighing accuracy: ± 0.1%; Packaging capacity: bags/hour

market analysis:

complete sets of automatic packaging and palletizing equipment, machines, but many people still use the machine once for convenience, and other products have been widely used in dozens of large petrochemical, chemical, textile, pharmaceutical, automotive and other enterprises nationwide, and have been unanimously praised by users

cooperation mode: joint venture and cooperation

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source of information: Northeast investment

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