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Investment invitation for bagasse pulp paper environmental protection tableware project

project name: bagasse pulp paper environmental protection tableware

product and production scale:

the annual output of 350million pieces of bagasse pulp paper environmental protection quenching is cold water direct cooling tableware. Project introduction:

Hunan Guoren environmental protection materials Co., Ltd. was founded in 1984, formerly known as Hunan Guoren Beer Co., Ltd. In 2002, the production scale was 150million environmentally friendly catering utensils per year. The company covers an area of 42715 square meters, with a construction area of 12110 square meters. It has a total asset of 90.91 million yuan, with an average age of 29.7 years. It has technicians with junior titles or above and people with college degrees or above. From 1996 to 2001, the company was certified as one of the top ten township enterprises and "big tax and profit households" by the Hunan Provincial Government for six consecutive years. In 2001, it won the product quality certification and the national designated production enterprise certificate issued by the national disposable convenience food packaging substitution leading group office. In May, 2002, it was certified as a "high-tech enterprise" by the Department of science and technology of Hunan Province, and the certificate of environmental protection tableware was "a product of high-tech global plastic summit held in Chicago". It was approved by the Department of health of Hunan Province and qualified as a self-supporting import enterprise. The Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China incorporated the company's environmental protection tableware project into the national "Torch Plan". The results of the whole bagasse experiment show that the main uses of pulp paper environment-friendly tableware are: disposable fast food boxes, soup bowls, dinner plates, fresh-keeping plates, convenience food packaging boxes, bowls, etc. for the social consumer market. The domestic demand for one-time environmental protection catering utensils is 40billion, while the domestic actual production capacity is less than 10billion, there is a gap of 30billion, and the market prospect of the products is very broad. The company plans to transform the technology in other places to produce 350million pieces per year, supporting 500million bagasse pulp paper environmental protection catering utensils production lines. The total investment of the project is 115.04 million yuan, and its own capital is 50.04 million yuan, Investment attraction of 65million yuan

mode of cooperation: joint venture

total investment of 14.02 million US dollars

project unit information

Name: Hunan Guoren environmental protection materials Co., Ltd.

address: Li County Industrial Park

postal code: 415500


transmission of steel inventory rise truth:

contact: Dai Shengmao (Mr./MS)

source of information:

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