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Investment invitation for 8000 ton/year commercial pre coating project

project type chemical industry

project implementation location Wuda District Industrial Park, Wuhai City

project organizer Wuda District opening up office

project introduction

pre coating is an important substrate for the coating of printed matter and an essential part of paper/plastic composites. Pre coating technology realizes environmental protection, health protection and safe production. The pre coated products can be widely used in the packaging of books and periodicals, food, tobacco and alcohol, which will not pose a potential threat to consumers, and can significantly improve the smoothness, clarity and color freshness of the products, greatly improving the commercial competitiveness and value of the products

investment scale total investment of the project: 120 million yuan (including foreign exchange of 6 million US dollars)

construction conditions

now there are more than 200 manufacturers in the world, with more than 500 production lines and a total output of nearly 3 million tons. Because its raw materials are non-toxic and harmless, it has been widely used in printing and packaging industries, creating good economic benefits. It is expected that the commercial pre coating will develop at a rate of 8% every year in the future. With the rapid economic growth in China, the application field of pre coating will be expanded. In 2005, the demand for pre coating film in China will reach 4, and the competitiveness of the market will be further improved. The construction of R & D and testing and analysis institutions at all levels will be accelerated by more than 0 billion m2. Establish macro-control and market regulation mechanism

Economic Benefit Forecast (1) annual sales revenue: 244million yuan

(2) annual production cost: 155 million yuan

(3) total annual profits and taxes: 89 million yuan

(4) investment profit and tax rate: 74%

mode of cooperation joint venture and cooperation

under the background of global calls for energy conservation and emission reduction, the project implementation progress has been approved, and the project feasibility study report has been completed

implementation risk. The process technology of the project is mature, which belongs to the industry encouraged by the government to develop, and the project has strong anti risk ability

contacts Yin Zhongqiang, Yan Zehao, Qiao Li

contact (fax)

email nmgwhs_ Wdq2004@

(source: Wuhai business window in Inner Mongolia, local business window)

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